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Garden Valley is 15 minutes east of Canton (Near Lindale) and 15 minutes north of Tyler at the intersection of State Highway 110 and Farm Road 16, seven miles west of Lindale in northwestern Smith County.
Only submit sites located in Garden Valley please.
Gatesville is the county seat of Coryell County and the Spur Capital of Texas. This category may contain sites in topical sub-categories as well as links to other geographic categories.

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"Geronimo, which takes its name from Geronimo Creek, is on State Highway 123 six miles north of Seguin in north central Guadalupe County. It began as a social center for German settlers who moved to the area from Schumansville in 1860."
Located on the Bolivar peninsula, the community was completely destroyed by Hurricane Ike on September 13, 2008.
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Community is located about thirty-five miles north of Tyler. Produces sweet potatoes and hosts annual festival in October.
Only submit school information for Graham, Texas please.
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"Greenville, the county seat of Hunt County, is a commercial and manufacturing center sixty miles northeast of Dallas on Interstate Highway 30. The community was established in 1846, the same year in which an act of the state legislature established Hunt County. The act authorized the use of the name Greenville for the county seat to honor Gen. Thomas J. Green..."

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