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NOTE: The page you were on is NOT a page you can submit a site to, as it is just a collection of links to Real Estate categories for each locality that has such a sub-cat. Submit your sites to the correct locality, and if it has a Real Estate subcategory, it will be accessible from here.

If the city you were looking for was NOT on the page...
It means there is not yet sufficient content in the directory to require the locality to have a separate Real Estate category.

If there is no such category Real Estate sites for the city may be submitted to the city''s main category. See Submission Information below to submit to a city or its RE sub-cat as appropriate.

To submit your site, see the full list of TX cities at the following link. See alpha-bar at top to find the correct locality.

Select the appropriate letter on the alpha bar, select the city, then go to the Suggest URL link for that city, or it it has one, for that city''s Real Estate subcategory.

Proper submission enhances the probability of getting a site into the directory in a timely fashion.

For additional information regarding Real Estate submissions visit The DMOZ Real Estate Guidelines.
Sites listed in this category focus on aspects of commercial real estate in Texas, including but not limited to the sale and/or leasing of corporate, office, industrial, or commercial space.
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