This category includes links to national-level sites and nation-wide subcategories related to expatriates in the United States. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary Expatriate, pronounced ek-'spA-trE-"At means:
  1. to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one's native country
  2. intransitive senses : to leave one's native country to live elsewhere; also : to renounce allegiance to one's native country
In this case, this category would serve as a directory of sites and categories related to people currently living in the United States that are native to another country. If you wish to submit a site for consideration that is focused on life in another country for an American native, then please re-direct the submission to Society: People: Expatriates: American.
If the site is not a site with national relevance for expatriates living in the US, please submit to the proper category.

Submitting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent the site from being listed in the directory.

Submission Tips:

  1. Please review all sub-categories to ensure the site being submitted for consideration is in the best possible category.
  2. When writing the site''s title, please ensure it is the same as the organization.
  3. When writing the site''s description, please tell what the site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.
Thank-you for your cooperation.