Many of Rhode Island's businesses, institutions, and information sources serve more than one city or town, but less than the whole state. The "regions" defined in this category are some of the multi-town areas thus served.
Most listings in each regional category are symlinks to categories and subcategories for individual towns and cities. Unless your site is associated with a multi-town region (for example, with multiple business locations or information about a larger region), submit your site to the village, town or city category where your business, institution or activity is located.
The region including the City of Providence and the surrounding cities and towns that are most closely aligned with the city culturally and economically.
The "South County" region of Rhode Island comprises the southern part of the state's mainland. It is mostly, but not completely, the same as the county that has the official name of Washington County. Rhode Island has no county governments.
This category is for websites relevant to the entire South County region or multiple towns within the region.

Submit sites for local businesses, organizations, churches, etc., to the locality category for the specific town or village.