Village in the Town of South Kingstown.
Warwick is Rhode Island's second largest city. Located adjacent to Providence, it is the site of the Providence airport and two major shopping mails.
Village located in the southwestern corner of Rhode Island, part of the town of Westerly.
Town in the southwestern corner of Rhode Island.
West Kingston is a village in the town of South Kingstown. It is located one mile from the University of Rhode Island. Primarily a farming community with mixed light manufacturing and building product distributors. Home of the historic Kingston RR Station since 1875.
West Warwick is a town, split from Warwick in 1913. Villages in the town include Arctic, Centerville, Crompton, Riverpoint, Natick, and Phenix.
Village in the town of North Kingstown.
Company web sites submitted to this category must be based in the city of Woonsocket or do the majority of its business in the city. Personal web sites or those not having to do with the economy of the city will not be included in the category.
Village in the town of Richmond.