Village in southern Rhode Island, spanning the boundaries of the official towns of Richmond and Charlestown.
Small (in area) and densely populated incorporated city just west of Pawtucket, within the boundaries of the Town of Lincoln.
The Town of Charlestown is located on the southern coast of Rhode Island. The town is known for its beaches, and the annual population of 8,500 residents swells to over 45,000 during the summer months. Charlestown includes the lands of the Narragansett Tribe of Indians. Also included are portions of the villages of Carolina and Shannock, which span the boundary with the town of Richmond. Charlestown was originally known as "King's County," and was a part of the Town of Westerly, Rhode Island. "King's County" was split off and incorporated as the Town Of Charlestown on August 22, 1738. The town is in Washington County, known as "South County."
Village in the Town of Glocester.
Village in the town of Foster.
Coventry is Rhode Island's largest town, with an area of 64.8 square miles. The town includes several old textile mill villages still known as Quidnick Village (the oldest), Anthony Village, Arkwright Village, Harris Village, Washington Village, Coventry Center Village, Summit Village, and Greene Village.
The Town of Cumberland was one of five Rhode Island towns received from Massachusetts by Royal Decree. It is the 9th largest in population of Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns. The town was known as Attleboro Gore until 1746, when it was incorporated in Rhode Island as the Town of Cumberland, named in honor of William, the Duke of Cumberland. The town has a long industrial history. Early industry was centered around the abundant water power of the Blackstone and Abbott Run River and the mining of iron and copper.