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Only regional guides, directories, banks with locations in, or organizations with members in, more than one Western state should be submitted to this category.
Financial services include consumer and commercial banking, credit unions, mortgage and other types of loans, financial planning assistance, insurance, tax preparation, investments, and other services relating to monetary transactions or financial security.
Some examples of websites that could be placed in this category are sites about the shipping industry in the west; railroad companies, barge operators, and other freight carriers; moving and warehousing companies, including residential moving and storage; trucking companies; companies offering loading and unloading or other specialized services for the transportation sector; companies providing freight forwarding, logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management services; commercial courier and messenger services; and companies offering rental of equipment such as forklifts or trucks.

Please find the most appropriate category. Sites should only be submitted here if the company has multiple locations, in more than one state.

The focus is the business of moving goods. This includes the storage, distribution and transportation of bulk commodities, other materials of commerce, packages, papers, and letters, via land, air and water for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.
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