Only regional guides, directories or organizations with members in, more than one Mid-Atlantic state should be submitted to this category.

Sites with information pertinent to only one state should be submitted to that appropriate category under: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania Virginia. West_Virginia. or Washington, D.C..

Sites submitted to this category must pertain to more than one of Mid-Atlantic states.

This category is for websites specifically related to the Chesapeake Bay as a whole. Websites related to a single locality, area or State should be submitted to the corresponding category at the locality, county or state level. Submission Guidelines:

  • The relevence to the bay should be readily apparent on your site.
  • The title should correspond to the name of your business, organization or website.
  • The description should concisely summarize the type of content available on the website and should not repeat the title of the site or the location.

Find sites related to human health and wellness, as well as medical resources for the region. Topics may include health care providers, conditions, treatments, mental health, fitness, and long term care.
Includes news and media sites specific to the Mid-Atlantic region (e.g. Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Television).
Please submit to the most specific category. Only sites covering a large part of the US Mid-Atlantic will be listed here.
Includes all weather-related sites for the region; topics might include allergy and smog alerts, disaster warnings, weather disasters, and ultraviolet forecasts.