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Includes sites at the regional level focused on recreational interests with non-commercial aviation and flight.
Please only submit sites that are within the continental US and pertain to localized places, programs and activities for golf. Specific localities, such as the city, state, or county should be indicated. Sites submitted to this category should contain information that is relevant to all of the USA but not the entire world.
The continent of North America was formed from the primordial continent of Laurentia, and is the third largest continent in the world with a land area of 24.3 million sq km. It encompasses all lands and nearby islands between the Isthmus of Panama and the North Pole, inclusive, in the Western Hemisphere.

The ODP defines North America as Bermuda, Canada, Greenland (Kalaalit Nunaat), Mexico, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and the United States of America. Related categories including other North American nations are Regional/Caribbean and Regional/Central_America/. Please submit sites only to the most relevant category.

Please submit all sites to their correct locality and category.
This category contains links to States and Localities that have tennis related sites.
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