There are historical references to Vandemere as early as 1699 when it was mentioned in a treaty with the Bay River Indians. In 1874, Vandemere became the second town in Pamlico County to incorporate. Sometime around 1870 a Dr. Delon Henry Abbott arrived in Vandemere and took an active part in developing businesses that would support a larger community. In partnership with others he held interests in a sawmill, gristmill, store, storehouses, lumber and even a schooner by the name of "O.H. Folly". Vandemere's history is practically written on its street signs. The names in the land records of 1870 are not only found on the streets, but on today's mailboxes and businesses. Griggs, Holton and McCotter are just a few of the family names that are still well known in Vandemere. McCotter Seafood, McCotter Farms and Pamlico Packing Company are companies located in Vandemere whose genealogy is easily traced back to founding names.