Submit only sites located in this locality.
Real estate brokerages may be listed exactly once, either in the locality where their office is physically located, or at a higher level if the company has multiple offices in more than one locality. Real estate agents with separate websites may also be listed exactly once, in the locality where their office is located.

If an agent changes offices, click Update URL to submit the corrected information instead of Add URL, which is reserved for new submissions. Repeated submissions can delay or prevent being listed in the directory.

Note: Government regulations in many states and countries require web sites to disclose the agent and/or broker names as they appear on license, as well as the office street address.

Format Site Titles for Agencies and Agents As Follows
  • Agent Name - Company Name (for an agent site)
  • Company Name (for a company site)
This category is for sites about visiting the local area. Examples include sites for hotels, motels, and other lodging facilities, as well as tourist guides. It is also for sites about local parks and visitor attractions.