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This category is for sites related to travel and tourism in Alexander, North Carolina. This includes directories, reservation services and individual web sites for temporary accommodations, primarily for travelers.

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    Company Sites: Company Name
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Good Example: Sugar Cove Farms
Two log cabins with views of the mountains. Site features virtual tour, rates, rental policies, and area attractions.

Nestled in the heart of the lovely Smokies! The most beautiful place in the world to relax. Close to the Biltmore Estate, Cherokee Casino, Blue Ridge Parkway, Nantahala River, Grandfather Mountain, and Asheville. Visit us to see our PERFECT vacation retreat. No one can beat our prices! See the best #1 views and much much more!!!!

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  • Advertising hype
  • Excessive use of caps
  • Submitting to a locality (town) other than the one where the vacation rental is physically located
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Lack of verifiable address posted on the site
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