For sites covering the business and economic activities in this locality, including listings of companies and industries.

For sites specifically based in this community. Submitting a site based in another locality may delay and/or prevent listing in the directory. Thank you for your cooperation.

This category is for sites covering business and economic activities including companies and industries. Depending on the type of company, some sites should instead be submitted to Arts and Entertainment, Sports and Recreation, or Travel and Tourism, or to a Business and Economy sub-category. For best results, compare existing listings before submitting your site..

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

1. Make sure your site title matches the name of your organization or entity.
2. In your site description, stick to the facts and avoid hype or promotional language.
3. This is a Regional category, so your location should be readily apparent on your site. Your service area should also be apparent when applicable.
4. Avoid Excessive Capitalization.
5. Describe site features as well as the subject of your site.

Agribusiness and farming based in Rochester.
Rochester businesses focused on animals, including breeding and show facilities, pet sitters, and veterinarians.
The Business Services category lists sites that provide professional and administrative support services to a variety of businesses and organizations. In some cases, these companies also provide services to consumers, but providing services to other enterprises is their main focus.
Please submit only sites for services and products for business from other businesses in this locality. Please submit to the appropriate subcategory.

For faster review, please follow these guidelines:

1) Title should reflect the name of the business or organization.

2) Description should reflect the contents of the web site, noting any distinguishing features.

Please refrain from marketing hype or excessive capitalization.

Employment agencies, recruiters, executive search firms, and job training organizations located in Rochester.
Employment agencies, recruiters, executive search firms, and job training organizations listed in Rochester must have their primary office in Rochester and supply staff primarily within Rochester.
Rochester-based businesses that offer event-planning as their primary service, including party planners, convention planners, and wedding planners.
Funeral-related services, including funeral homes and funeral chapels, cemetery plots and headstones, and cremation services.
This category is for attorneys, law firms, and providers of legal services based in Rochester.
Realtors, apartment guides, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and other people involved in making house sales happen.
Submit only sites that deal with Rochester rentals properties
Businesses that primarily serve food and/or drink, including bars and wine bars, brewpubs, coffeehouses, cafes, restaurants, coffeehouses, and taverns.
Please submit to this category Rochester businesses such as bars, taverns, brewpubs, coffeehouses, cafes, restaurants, and buffets. Businesses that provide catering but do not serve meals at regularly scheduled hours are more appropriately listed in Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Food/Caterers. Businesses that primarily sell food, rather than serving meals, are more appropriately listed in Business_and_Economy/Shopping/Food/.
Please submit to this category only if your floral design or gift shop has a location in Rochester at which consumers can purchase your products. Purely online gift stores are more appropriately submitted to Top/Shopping/Gifts.