Web sites for travel and tourism in Clinton County, NY.
Please make new submissions to the category for the locality where the facility is based, rather than this category. This category should only be for sites covering the whole county.
Lodgings are room accommodations for travelers such as those found at hotels and inns. This category is for links to localities within this county that list lodging sites, and in its subcategories, for sites representing multiple lodging locations in more than one locality in this county.
Most hotels and motels, resorts, inns, and vacation rentals should be submitted to the locality where they are physically located. Listing at county level or higher is reserved for sites representing multiple locations across a broad area. To find the proper locality and submit there, navigate to the list of localities found under the name of this state.

Note: Each lodging facility may receive one listing. Attempts to circumvent this policy by multiple submissions of the same or alternate URLs can result in being banned from the directory.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Location must be shown, preferably by address or local phone number.
  2. For title, submit actual name of the lodging that is the subject of the site.
  3. Make description factual, avoiding promotional language and Unnecessary Capitalization.
  4. Compare existing listings for best results.