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Please do not submit sites here. Sites should be listed in the locality of the attraction.
There is currently no description created for this category.
Please consider whether your site best fits here or under Recreation/Outdoors/Camping/Campgrounds/North_America/United_States/New_Hampshire.

You may submit once to a topical category such as Recreation and once to a Regional category. If you have submitted your site to the Recreation area, you may consider listing in the one Locality or Region that best fits your site.

This category is for sites about camping in the state. There is also another category for Camps and Camping under Recreation and Sports which will contain residential camps.
If you are submitting a site for an individual lodging establishment, please go to the appropriate Locality and submit your site to the most specific category there.
This category is for state wide information, including guides and directories, on places to stay in NH. It also includes sites for lodging chains with locations only within the state.
Lodging includes bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels, inns, hostels, vacation rentals, and resorts.
Information about campgrounds and RV parks can be found in Travel and Tourism: Camping and RVs.
Please submit only travel guides for the entire state here. If your guide deals with only one county, region, or locality, please submit in that category instead.
This category is for travel guides and directories covering New Hampshire.
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