This category is for state-wide health and medical resources in New Hampshire, such as associations, health practitioners, hospitals and clinics, emergency services, public health and safety, alternative medicine, assisted living, and dentistry.
Only state-wide guides and directories, associations, groups, and/or practitioners with offices in more than one Region should be submitted to this category.
Sites for practitioners that have only one location or office should be submitted to the appropriate Locality
If a practice has more than one location or office within the same Region, please submit the site to that Region
This category provides links to the Health sub-categories in each of New Hampshire's counties.
Please do not submit any sites here. Follow the links to find the appropriate category for submission.
This category provides links to the Health sub-categories in each of New Hampshire's Regions.
This category is for state-level or state-wide organizations, chapters, support groups, and resources that focus on specific health conditions, diseases, or maladies.
Dental resources, associations, directories, and multi-office practices located in New Hampshire.
If your site is for an individual dental practice, please submit it in the appropriate Locality.
This category is for directories, guides, associations, and organizations for emergency medical services, ambulance and rescue squads, fire fighting, search and rescue, and pre-hospital medical care in the state.
If your site is for a local fire department, please go to the appropriate Locality and submit your site there.
For medical doctors and clinics in the state, sub-categorized by specialty.

If you are unable to find a particular physician or clinic here, it may be listed in the New Hampshire:Locality where the office is located.