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New Hampshire has been divided into about 75 school administrative units. Some SAUs consist of single-city school districts while other SAUs are made up of several school districts. Links are provided for all SAUs that have their own web site or informational page.
Please submit school districts to the locality in which the offices are located.

Thank you.

Most localities will have only one, but sometimes there will be one district for the elementary schools, and another for the high school level. The school districts are listed in the localities where the offices are located. This category will contain links to the local school districts, and information about school districts in general.
Please submit sites for individual school libraries to the Education category in the locality in which it is located. If there is no Education category in the locality, then just submit it at the locality level.
Libraries are places to borrow books, do research, and study. They often have many other resources such as CDs, internet access, and journals. School libraries are located in school, as usually are not open to the public, although sometimes they may be, especially in the summer months.
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