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Information on the well-being of animals.
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Bates County was organized 29 Jan 1841 from Cass, Van Buren and Jackson. Named for Hon. Edward Bates of St. Louis. Butler the county seat was named for Gen. William O. Butler of Kentucky. In 1855 the three southern tiers of townships in Cass Co. were added to Bates Co. The county seat is Butler, MO 64730. According to the 1990 census Bates County has a population of 15,038 residents. Cass County was formed 14 Sept 1835 from Jackson County. First called Van Buren, in honor of Pres. Van Buren, Whom Missourians delighted to honor at that day; but in 1849 after he had been the presidential candidate of the Free Soil party in the preceding canvass, the name was changed to Cass, in honor of Lewis Cass, of Michigan, who had been the Democratic candidate in 1848, and had been defeated by Gen. Taylor. The county seat, Harrisonville, was named for Hon. A. G. Harrison, of Callaway.and renamed on Feb. 19, 1849. The three southern tiers of townships were relinquished to Bates County on Feb. 22, 1855. The county seat is at Harrisonville, MO 64701. According to the 1990 census Cass County has a population of 70,492 residents.
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This category is for listing sites that concern the make up of the United States military community: its people, and resources and institutions that serve military and former-military personnel and family. This category contains links to sites related to military interest groups, organizations, and personal pages. Sites may include but are not limited to:
  • Veterans groups, organizations and associations
  • Personal pages centered around military life.
  • POW-MIA organizations
  • American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Marine Corps League, and similar groups
This subcategory provides links to candidates and elections, voter information, interest groups, political parties, and all other aspects of statewide political issues and campaigns.