This is a Mississippi State level sub-category. Sites submitted to this category should have a statewide presence. In order to have a statewide presence a site should have locations in 2 or more Regions. Sites with locations only in a specific County, Locality, or Region should be submitted to that appropriate area. In certain circumstances 'Come To You' business sites can be listed, but only if the sites offer content that reflects high relevance to 2 or more Regions.

Mississippi is home to a growing number of important businesses and is becoming an important center for businesses of all kinds. Mississippi's Business and Economy category houses sites covering the business and economic activities of the state, including listings of companies and industries. Many individual business listings are found in locality categories, so be sure to check them for a wider selection of sites.

Please read Guidance On Submitting To Mississippi before submitting your site.

Also see categories for Industries, Construction and Maintenance, Insurance, and Financial Services when present.
This category is not for online directories or guides, or for sites with information on consultants, ministers, chapels or other wedding facilities, or periodicals. These sites should be submitted to the appropriate linked categories.
This category contains boating sites including marine brokers, marinas, boat sales, rental, building and repairing. It may also contain links to shipping and recreational boating and sailing.
Includes links to sites for or about businesses or individuals offering personal services in the region. Sites might include personal chefs, personal valets, errand runners, and baby sitters.
Submit sites for service providers with multiple locations in more than one metro area in this state. Compare existing listings for best results.

Most sites should be submitted to a locality. Listing at higher levels is allowed for companies with multiple locations spanning several localities or counties, and for clubs or associations drawing members from a broad area.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Locations must be shown, preferably by address or local phone number.
  2. For title, submit actual name of business or organization.
  3. Make description factual, avoiding promotional language and Unnecessary Capitalization.
For companies that provide full service and commercial printing services.
For companies that provide full service and commercial printing services.
Primarily for links to similar categories at other geographic levels and sites that provide statewide real estate information, but may also list real estate companies with multiple offices over a broad area of the state.
Real estate agents may submit one site only, in the locality where their office is physically located, and should not submit at the state level. Brokerages may also submit one site at the locality where their office is located, or at a higher level when there are multiple offices in more than one locality.

The state level category is only for companies with multiple offices throughout the state. Sites with office locations isolated to one county, region or metro area should be submitted only to the appropriate category at one of those levels. Companies will be listed no more than once in any case. Multiple submissions of the same or an alternate URL can lead to an agent or company being banned from the directory.

If an agent changes offices or a description change is needed, please go back and click Update URL, and submit the corrected information. Do not make a new submission in order to update information.

Format Site Title As Follows:
Agent Name - Company Name (for an agent site)
Company Name (for a company site:)

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Location should be clearly shown, preferably by address or local phone number.
  2. Make sure the submitted title follows the above formatting.
  3. Descriptions should be factual, and also contain information about features on site as well.
  4. Don''t stuff descriptions with keywords, hype or repetition of category headings (i.e. Do not use "Mississippi" in descriptions.
  5. Don''t Capitalize Every Word or use ALL CAPS.
Compare existing listings for best results.
Individual restaurant and dining guide listings for specific towns or cities should be submitted to the Restaurants and Bars category in the appropriate locality.