Places in Minnesota, smaller than a county, whose names begin with the letter S: cities, townships, and unincorporated settlements.
The city of St. Anthony, population 7727, in the Twin Cities area, is northeast of Minneapolis. Part of the city is in Hennepin County, and part in Ramsey County.
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The city of St. Cloud, population 48812, is located in the heart of Central Minnesota, 65 miles northwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul, between Interstate 94 and U.S. Highway 10. The city lies on both banks of the Mississippi River, and sections of the city are in three counties: Stearns, Benton, and Sherburne. St. Cloud is bounded on the northeast by Sauk Rapids, on the south by St. Augusta, and on the southwest by Waite Park. St. Cloud is the county seat of Stearns County. The St. Cloud Metropolitan Statistical Area includes Stearns and Benton Counties. And, yes, if you were wondering, there is a person called St. Cloud.
The city of St. Joseph, Minnesota, population 3294, is a college town in Stearns County. St. Joseph is about 8 miles west of St. Cloud on County Road 75.
The city of St. Martin, Minnesota, population 274, is in southwestern Stearns County, at the junction of County Roads 12 and 195. St. Martin is about 9 miles northwest of Richmond, and 12 miles southeast of Melrose.
The city of St. Michael, population 2506, is at the junction of County Highway 19 and Minnesota State Highway 241, in Wright County. St. Michael is 26 miles northwest of St. Paul, and is bounded on the north by Albertville.
St. Rosa, with a population of 75, is the smallest city in Stearns County, Minnesota. It is located at the junction of County Roads 17 and 167. St. Rosa is 6 miles northeast of Melrose.
The city of Sartell, Minnesota, population 5393, lies on both sides of the Mississippi River just north of St. Cloud, and approximately 74 miles northwest of Minneapolis. Because the Mississippi is the county line, part of Sartell is in Stearns County and the other part in Benton County. The southeast boundary of Sartell is the northwest corner of the city of Sauk Rapids.
The city of Sauk Centre, Minnesota, population 3581, is located along the Sauk River, south of Sauk Lake, in Stearns County. Sauk Centre is 105 miles northwest of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and about 40 miles northwest of St. Cloud, at the junction of Interstate 94 and U.S. Highway 71. Sauk Centre's most famous son is Sinclair Lewis, the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. His book Main Street draws on Sauk Centre. At the time of publication there were some hard feelings, but now all is forgiven.
The city of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, population 7825, is on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Benton County, 73 miles northwest of Minneapolis. Sauk Rapids is bounded on the north by Sartell, on the south by St. Cloud, and on the west by the Mississippi.
Scandia, formerly New Scandia Township, is in the northeast corner of Washington County, Minnesota. It includes most of William O'Brien State Park, and is bordered on its southeast corner by Marine on St. Croix. The eastern boundary of the city is the St. Croix River, which is the Minnesota-Wisconsin state line. On the west, Scandia is bounded by the city of Forest Lake. In 1990, New Scandia Township had a population of 3197.
Side Lake is an unincorporated settlement on the shores of--you guessed it--Side Lake, in St. Louis County, Minnesota. Side Lake the town is roughly at the intersection of County Roads 5 and 475, and is 15 miles north-northwest of Hibbing.
Smiths Mill, Minnesota, is a little unincorporated town on U.S. Highway 14, between Eagle Lake and Janesville. Smiths Mill is in Waseca County, right across the county line from Blue Earth County. It is 3 miles northwest of Janesville.
Snellman is a tiny unincorporated village on Highway 34 in Becker County, Minnesota. Snellman is south of Shell Lake and east of Toad Lake. It is approximately 17 miles west of Park Rapids.
Sparta Township nearly surrounds the city of Montevideo, and includes the unincorporated village of Wegdahl.
Springvale Township is located along the Rum River in Isanti County. To the west is Wyanett Township; to the north is Maple Ridge Township. South of Springvale is Bradford Township. In the southeastern corner of Springvale is the Cambridge city limit.
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Spring Lake is in Itasca County, Minnesota, at the intersection of County Roads 4 and 29. It is about 2 miles east of the Leech Lake Reservation, and 10 miles southwest of Bigfork as the crow flies.
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Spring Lake Township, in Scott County, Minnesota, is directly south of Prior Lake and Shakopee. Its neighbor to the east is Credit River Township. The Town of Spring Lake includes a place called Lydia.
Straight River Township is in southern Hubbard County, Minnesota, between Park Rapids and Menahga.
Suomi is an unincorporated community in Itasca County, Minnesota. It is southwest of Marcell, east of Bowstring, and northeast of Deer River.
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