Places in Minnesota, smaller than a county, whose names begin with the letter E: cities, townships, and unincorporated settlements.
Eagles Nest Township was organized in 1990, from 30 square miles on the eastern side of Breitung Township. Eagles Nest Township is east of Tower and Soudan, in St. Louis County.
East Chain is an unincorporated community along the north end of East Chain Lake, in Martin County, Minnesota. East Chain is approximately 7 miles southeast of Fairmont, and 3 miles north of the Iowa state line.
East Side Township is in the northeastern corner of Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. It is on the east side of Lake Mille Lacs. Most of the township's southern boundary is formed by the Isle city limits, and the Isle Municipal Airport is actually in the township. East Side Township also includes the unincorporated village of Opstead.
Eckles Township is in southern Beltrami County, Minnesota. The city of Wilton is on its southern edge, and the city of Bemidji touches its southeast corner. To the east of Eckles Township is Northern Township.
Eldes Corner, Minnesota, is an unincorporated community around the intersection of Old Highway 61 and Midway Road, in Midway Township, St. Louis County. Eldes Corner is 3.5 miles southwest of Proctor, or 9 miles southwest of downtown Duluth.
The city of Elysian, population 445, is between Lakes Elysian, Francis, and Tustin, in southern Le Sueur County, Minnesota. It is 10 miles northwest of Waseca, and about 16 miles east of Mankato. The city is bounded on the north by the Township of Elysian.
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Elysian Township is in southern Le Sueur County, Minnesota. It includes the unincorporated village of Greenland. Waseca County and the City of Elysian form the township's southern boundary.
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Empire Township, in Dakota County, Minnesota, is bordered by the cities of Coates, Farmington, Lakeville, and Rosemount. South of Empire Township is Castle Rock Township.
Estes Brook is an unincorporated community in western Mille Lacs County, Minnesota. Estes Brook is midway between Glendorado and Foreston; it's about 5 miles either way as the crow flies.
Eureka Township, in Dakota County, is bounded on the east by Castle Rock Township, on the northeast by Farmington, on the north by Lakeville.