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Submit only organizations with a physical presence in Kalamazoo Michigan. Submit organizations from adjacent communities to those communities'' categories. Be sure Business and Economy, Recreation and Sports, and Society and Culture are not more appropriate categories for your organization. Do not submit incomplete sites or those with primarily advertising banners or affiliate content.
Organizations with a physical presence in Kalamazoo Michigan providing artistic or entertainment services. This category is a mix of for-profit and non for-profit organizations.
This category is NOT for advertising your products.

Companies specializing in web page design are welcomed at Kalamazoo: Business and Economy: Computers and Internet

Sites relating to business and economy in this locality, including agriculture, shopping, real estate, industry, companies and services.
Maps, arial pictures, and webcams from Kalamazoo Michigan.
Includes all hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities specific to the region; including local recreation organizations.
If your organization or site is for-profit, it probably does not belong here. Submit to the Business and Economy subcategory instead. Also do not submit sites representing people or organizations that do not have a physical location in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Do not submit sites that are under construction, or primarily affiliate content and/or links.
Generally, this category is for non-profit organizations and non-commercial personal homepages in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. The charter of the main Society category is: The Society hierarchy covers human interaction, aspiration, and conflict in its forms, and the diverse individuals and identity groups that make up human civilization.
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