This category is for websites about information and organizations pertaining to arts and entertainment that are based in or related in Michigan.
Topics for this category include architecture, art, dance, music, photography, theater, performing arts venues, museums, galleries, libraries, movies, cultural events, institutions, entertainment activities, and organizations.

NOTE: When the technical or commercial aspect is seen to overshadow the creative side, as with recording studios, production companies, and stores selling recorded music or cameras, the sites are listed in Business_and_Economy instead.

The design of the built environment in Michigan, including the study and history of buildings, and architectural associations and education.
Commercial sites offering architectural and building services are listed within Business_and_Economy/Construction_and_Maintenance.
Comedians and comic entertainers in Michigan.
Dance halls, dancing events in Michigan.
Libraries are physical or virtual places where users can find selected and categorized collections of information resources, and help in finding and using those collections.
Specific libraries (e.g. located in a city; serving a local population) should submit their site to the actual locality under Regional/Michigan.
This category is for sites about Michigan museums, including museums devoted to arts, sciences, history, and technology.
This category is for disc jockeys. Also see separate categories for bands and artists when available.

Currently performing disc jockeys are listed by service area, occasionally the state but usually a metro area named for one or two larger cities. Please submit to the appropriate area.

Description should include musical styles, type of gigs played, and site features such as video samples, song lists, and schedules. Optionally describe equipment and extras such as lighting, karaoke, and dancers. Describe your service factually and avoid hype. The site title should be the name of your company, or for individuals, "Lastname, Firstname."