This is where to find maps representing the United States at large, or sections thereof administered by a national agency, such as the National Park Service.
Please do not submit commercial or for-profit sites to this category, as they shall not be accepted.
Virtual Travel includes photographs or multi-media of panoramic landscapes, historic attractions, tours, city highlights, and postcards that would interest travelers or tourists.
Do NOT submit business related sites about resorts, hotels, tour operators, guides, reservations or travel brochures to this category.

If a site contains visual representations of a location through photographs, maps and web cams of a specific geographical location with little or no content specifically intended for travelers it should be listed in the Maps_and_Views category of the proper region.

If you consider yourself to be a photographer and your site to be a collection or portfolio of travel photographs, then please submit to the appropriate category under Arts/Photography/Photographers.

Many sites will contains elements that are related to photography, travel and general geographical information. Editors will use their discretion as to whether a site fits best in the Arts, Recreation, or Regional categories.

A webcam is a digital or regular camera that is hooked up to a computer and then sends the image to the internet. The camera is set to take new photos in a regular span of time such as every 5 minutes. Many cities have one or more webcams that are perched on top of buildings to offer interesting views of downtown, traffic or scenic areas. This category includes webcams that cover different views across the United States.
This category includes webcams that shows scenic, urban, or rural views of areas across the United States.

For webcams that have content about a particular state, please check for the proper state category for webcams.

Those pages that are about a specific topic should be submitted to that specialty topic category.

No adult webcams sites will be listed here.