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Information submitted must be specific to animal welfare in Maine.
Information on the well-being of animals.
List useful and unique sites that offer discussion forums and chat rooms about the state, local issues, and culture.
Discussion forums and chat rooms that discuss the state, local issues, and culture.
Only submissions offering information on more than one metro area or the entire state will be considered for this category. This may include regional guides, organizations, some events and conferences, and online communities.

If your site is specific to a city, please submit to the most appropriate subcategory within the local category.

Subject matter relating specifically to the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community of Maine.
Genealogy resources and web sites of interest to those researching their ancestors who lived, married, or emigrated to Maine.
Genealogy resources and web sites of interest to those researching their ancestors who lived, married, or emigrated to Maine.
Maine Arts and Culture's "History" wishes to include sites that range from recent historical web sites, extending to aboriginal arts and culture in three categories, defined below. Native American related sites will be more thoroughly catalogued at Regional: US: Maine: Native Americans This section is one of several Open Directory groupings, intended to reveal the variety and diversity of Maine's art and cultural history. Please submit sites here concerning: 1. Aboriginal peoples that significantly predate Native American Indian information which is nicely layed out on Open Directory Regional: US: Maine: Native Americans 2. European settlers and their offspring, including those who came through Canada and elsewhere but originating in Europe. We hope to develop extensive links to Franco American information and the Acadians. 3. Significant migrations that are more recent such as the two Russian migrations to the area of Richmond, Maine, the Lebanese migration to Waterville, Maine, and so on. As the numbers of sites increase we welcome criticism and ideas to better structure these various overlapping and important aspects of Maine's history.
This category is for listing sites that concern the make up of the United States military community: its people, and resources and institutions that serve military and former-military personnel and family. This category contains links to sites related to military interest groups, organizations, and personal pages. Sites may include but are not limited to:
  • Veterans groups, organizations and associations
  • Personal pages centered around military life.
  • POW-MIA organizations
  • American Legion, Veterans of Foregin Wars, Marine Corps League, and similar groups
Category is for Native Americans current society, culture, history, business, education, etc. in the State of Maine. Native Americans currently residing in Maine include the Passamaquoddy Tribe, the Penobscot Nation, the Aroostook Band of Micmac and the Houlton Band of Maliseet. All peoples of these great Tribes and Nations are encouraged to build this Maine Native American category with informative websites.
If you live in Maine and have a personal website, please submit here. Tourists may also submit ''trip'' sites that deal exclusively with Maine.
People in Maine who post their personal or home web pages, please submit here. Personal tourist pages about the state of Maine also accepted. Not a business category.
Sites submitted here should have to do specifically with political parties in this state.

Local and county sites may be listed at the state level under the respective party. However, these sites should also be submitted to the most appropriate political category under the locality or region.

This category includes links to campaigns, political commentary, political parties, and interest groups in the state of Maine.
Submit personal online journals written by people who live in Maine that offers their opinions and commentary.
Personal online journals filled with opinion and commentary about daily life in Maine or around the planet.
Intended for sites concerning young people living in the state of Maine.
There is currently no description created for this category.
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