Category includes attractions, hobbies, sports, organizations, associations, and recreational activities available in Maine.
Submit only recreational, hobby, or sport websites specific to the state of Maine.
Topics for this category include local boating and sailing clubs, resources, personal pages, events, charters, and shows.
This category is for sites about camps, campgrounds, and other camping related topics that are both specific to the state and too general in scope to be placed in a locality or county category.
This category is only for general sites about some aspect of camping in the whole state. Please submit sites for specific camps, campgrounds, or services to the proper locality.
Equine recreation or recreation on equines or about Maine equestrians including Olympic Gold Medal winners as well as Gary Dyer's old shay that won't let anyone ride her anymore.
A range of animals from cats, dogs, horses, birds, rabbits, hamsters, etc. that are kept in the home as human companions.
Submit sites to the proper category for pets living with human companions in the state of Maine.
Railroad buffs seeking seasonal, pleasure trips on real railroads, folks needing a ride on the few remaining passenger rail trains, or railroad historians may each have sites to submit here if the RR refers to or is in Maine. Please send Open Directory your web link because if it does not really belong here, we will send your submission along to an editor appropriate for your category. This page is not intended for Model Railroaders except for large, outdoor models (some known as "Garden Railroads") on which a person may actually ride. Indoor model railroads are featured elsewhere.
For Living History groups who gather to enjoy and recreate past events.
Regional directory in Maine, Recreation, Sailing is intended for unusual sailing related events or sites in Maine. Submissions which would not customarily be covered under "Sports/ Sailing" more generally, are appropriate to submit here. Please go ahead and suggest a site because we will redirect your submission to an appropriate Open Directory editor if we feel it does not fit here.
Sporting camps are generally seasonal. They are offered to the sportsman interested in using the facility for a base during hunting or fishing seasons.
Submit sites about hunting and fishing camps commonly referred to as ''sporting camps''.
Summer Camps in Maine have served generations of people from all over the world. Not just for the experience of coming to wilderness and all that entails, but for summer jobs for college age students also. We use title "summer camps" because it is common in Maine to refer to any secondary dwelling as a "camp." The Summer Camps category is for duly licensed, Maine summer camps.