Each metro area under this heading may contain sites in topical sub-categories as well as links to other geographic categories. As used here, each metro area is defined by its included counties, a way of grouping the state's counties into sub-state areas. Agreement with metro area definitions supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau is neither implied nor intended.
Most sites should be submitted to a locality. Sites which may be listed at metro level include:
  • Businesses with offices or locations in multiple counties spanning the metro area.
  • Clubs or associations drawing members from the entire metro.
  • Governmental, scientific or environmental sites concerned with a multi-county area.
The Louisville Metro area consists of the counties of Jefferson County, Bullitt County, Oldham County, Clark County, IN, Scott County, IN, Floyd County, IN and Harrison County, IN
Please submit sites to the most specific area possible.

For instance, sites about a specific town or city should be submitted to that town''s category, found under Kentucky''s Localities section.
Sites about more than one city or town all within the same county should be submitted to that county''s category, found under the Counties section.

**If the website is about cities or towns that are in more than one of the counties listed below, only then should the listing be submitted to this area.