For links to counties and metro areas in this state listing sites for health, fitness, and medical concerns, and for the listing of such sites representing multiple locations in more than one metro area in this state.
This category is for doctors, care providers, hospitals, dentists, optical, chiropractors, mental health, alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, pharmacies, conditions and diseases, consultants, emergency services, local health employment, and health-related associations and professional groups. Most sites should be submitted to a locality. Listing at higher levels is allowed for companies with multiple locations spanning several localities or counties, and for clubs or associations drawing members from a broad area.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Locations must be shown, preferably by address or local phone number.
  2. For title, submit actual name of the practice, company, hospital, clinic, or individual practitioner or sole proprietor.
  3. Make description factual, avoiding promotional language and unnecessary capitalization.
  4. Compare existing listings for best results.
Find links to sites for local organizations and local affiliates of national or international organizations dedicated to health and wellness.
This category is limited to listing statewide dental resources in Kentucky. Please see submission guidelines for information on adding a dental practice.
This category is only for statewide dental resources. in Kentucky.

If you want to list your practice, please click on,

follow the links down to your city, and submit your practice there.

Thank you.

For sites about gyms, personal trainers, pilates, weightlifting and other fitness activities. DO NOT suggest sites of individual personal trainers to this category, unless they have a presence throughout Kentucky -- instead, suggest them to their appropriate locality, county, region, or metro area.
For sites concerning optometry in the state of Kentucky.
Sites may be double listed in their Locality.