This category is for shopping websites specifically located in Chicago. Businesses that offer only online, phone, or mail order sales will not be listed in Regional Shopping categories. Please note that this category does not contain sites of businesses without storefronts. Those businesses are listed instead in the Online Shopping section of the directory.
Sites about stores located only in Chicago selling clothing should be submitted here.
This category is for dealers in antique and collectible items. This includes both items of considerable age and more contemporary items collected by enthusiasts.
Please submit only sites dealing with retailers selling antiques and collectibles in Chicago, Illinois, in this category. Retailers of collectibles produced for the gift market should be listed in Flowers and Gifts.
Sites about stores located only in Chicago selling clothing should be submitted here.
Includes links to retailers within the City of Chicago that offer consumer electronic products, such as televisions, stereo equipment, home theatre, home automation, and audio and video equipment.
Retailer must be located within the City of Chicago.

Please include site details in the description, such as "Includes a mailing list, online ordering, hours of operation, location map and directions." and related ''unique'' information on the site.

Includes links to sites selling health and beauty products to the consumer, located within the City of Chicago. Sites may include (but not limited to): home test kits, bath and body products, alternative health products, nutrition, emergency safety, orthopedic, vision, weight loss, and men's and women's products.
For websites about shopping malls in Chicago.
This category is for websites of businesses located within Chicago city limits that sell recorded music or musical instruments and related products.
This category is for sites dealing with pets, pet food, pet accessories, anything to do with pets, and that are located within the City of Chicago. The sites must also have information on prices, how to order the product and deliver to a wider area. Sites with only one page with little or no information, under construction sites and/or sites with a lot of broken links will not be listed.
Local retailers offering sports and recreational items such as sports equipment, bike shops, running stores, and the like.