This category lists educational facilities, institutions, organizations, and services operating throughout the state of Illinois. Entries located at the state-level should related to a statewide educational resource or interest.
Do NOT submit sites related to local reunions.

For sites such as high school reunions, please submit to the local top level or its Society and Culture category, if it exists.

Includes @links to 'Illinois' named categories to specific fields of study, usually at the college and university level.
If your field of interest is not listed, this only means that the category located in Computers: , Science: , or Reference: may not be broken down to the state level, and maybe listed at a ''[Subject]/Academic_Departments/United States/'' level.

Please refer to the field of study category for the most complete listing, and if you know of a missing site - please submit it to that category. - Thanks.

This category contains links to Illinois regions that provide an "Education" category.
Do NOT submit sites to this category.
Includes links to sites related to kindergarten through 12th grade within the State of Illinois.
Please submit sites related to local schools to the appropriate locality, and not to this state-level, state-wide category. Thank you.
Includes links to organizations related to and focused on education issues, programs and services, and special needs. Sites may include but not limited organizations directed towards students, parents, teachers and administration.
This category contains links to state-wide resources for Illinois-based reunion and alumni sites. Regions, metro areas and localities with their own "Reunions and Alumni" category may be linked here. Please note that very few, if any, sites will be listed at the state level. Please submit sites to the proper locality, whether or not, it has its own "Reunions and Alumni" category.
Please note that very few, if any, sites will be listed at the state level.

Please submit sites such as local high school reunion sites to the appropriate locality whether or not they have their own "Education/Reunions_and_Alumni" category. It will still be listed at the local level.

Again, please do not submit local high school reunion sites to this category, please submit to the appropriate locality.

School districts cover the entire State of Illinois. School district boundaries do not follow census geography and have no relationship to county, township, or place boundaries. In some areas, high school districts may be separate from elementary school districts, although most of the State school districts include both high schools and elementary schools. School districts change frequently in Illinois, primarily through consolidation, although in some cases, areas in one district may be transferred to another district by consent of persons involved in both districts.
This category may include a full range of specialized instructional and educational resources for the State of Illinois. Sites may include, but not limited to: driver's education (non-commercial), cooking classes, martial arts, music, and the arts.
Please submit sites to the proper locality within the state, for the "brick and mortar" location of the school or institution.