This category contains a few links to restaurants and bars that offer locations throughout the State of Illinois. The Open Directory Project Regional/ directory lists sites by the "brick and mortar" location of the business, or lowest common denominator - that is typically a locality- and not a state-level listing.
Please DO NOT submit sites for individual restaurants and bars to this category, unless it is a statewide chain (typically three or more locations in various regions within the state). Nationwide chains are not appropriate.

Please direct single location restaurants and bars to the appropriate locality, city or village for the establishment. Use the locality''s "Business_and_Economy" subcategory, if created.

Whether or not a locality has a "Business_and_Economy/Restaurants_and_Bars" category for itself has no bearing on its placement here, it will be moved to the locality anyway.

Sites with restaurant listings and reviews, often with detailed information about cuisine, ratings and service features. This category is for state-wide guides.
Individual restaurant and dining guide listings for specific towns or cities should be submitted to the Restaurants and Bars category in the appropriate locality.