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Please submit appraisers to the proper Illinois: Localities regardless if the locality has its own ''Business and Economy'' or ''Business and Economy: Real Estate'' or ''Business and Economy: Real Estate: Appraisers'' subcategories.

Only businesses with MULTIPLE OFFICE LOCATIONS in multiple state regions are listed at the state level.

This category contains links to state-level resources related to real estate appraisals. Sites may include, but not limited to: directories, state agencies and government resources, and trade associations. Businesses that conduct appraisals are listed in their 'brick and mortar' locality of their office and are not listed at the state-level unless multiple offices throughout the state exist.
NO SITES are ACCEPTED to this category.
This category includes links to 'metro area' categories that offer their own 'Real Estate' category. If a metro area is not listed, this in no way implies it doesn't have any real estate listings. Recommend looking at the locality, county and regional listings.
Please submit commercial real estate agencies to the brick and mortar location of the office for the company.

Sites are placed by ''office location'' of the business and not by the area served.

Although few localities (such as, Chicago) may warrant its own ''Commercial'' subcategory, commercial real estate agencies are still listed within their locality''s ''main'' Real Estate category.

This category contains links to state-level sites and locality-level categories related to commercial real estate.
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