This category contains links to state-level sites and state-wide categories related to the businesses and economy of the State of Illinois. Sites at this level usually fall into two categories:
  • Businesses with multiple 'brick and mortar' locations throughout the state and beyond a single state region
  • A statewide professional or trade association.
The numerous categories that are found here are for assistance and placement with various topical branch (i.e., Business:, Shopping: or Computers: that are regionalized to the "Illinois" level. Sites for businesses should always be re-directed to the 'brick and mortar' location of the office regardless of the target market area. For example, if your business is located in a small community such as "Blue Island" located near a large city (such as Chicago), do NOT submit the site to this state level or Chicago, but direct it to Blue Island: Business and Economy.
Please submit sites for the following:
  • Businesses with multiple ''brick and mortar'' locations throughout the state and any one state region.
  • A statewide professional or trade association.
  • A statewide economic development resource.
In addition:
  • If a business has just one location it should be placed in the appropriate local category.
  • If a business has more than one location, first try to find an appropriate county, region or metro area category.
  • If locations are also outside of Illinois then submit to the United States or midwest states category, and so on.

Service areas are only considered for placing sites when the business is a ''come-to-you'' type of business; otherwise, sites are always listed in most appropriate locality.

Includes links to state-level resources for advertising and marketing.
Agricultural businesses, potentially including vineyards, farm markets, "you pick" farms, livestock auctions, livestock breeders, seed farms, tree farms, commercial nurseries (for example, producing nursery stock for sale to retailers), turf farms, agricultural equipment suppliers, and similar businesses. Not to be confused with Science_and_Environment/Agriculture, which is for geographically focused information, such as "How to grow sweet corn in Illinois." and support organizations (not businesses) within the state.
This category contains links to automotive resources at the state level. Also, this category contains a limited number of localities that have created their own Automotive category. If the locality you are looking for is not listed, still submit it to the locality and not to this category.
For a business to qualify for state-level entry, the business must have multiple locations in multiple regions throughout the state.

Please submit local automotive dealers, parts and supplies, body shops and related businesses to the appropriate locality''s top-level, Business and Economy or (if created) Automotive category.

Inappropriate submission to this state-level category will delay actual publication of the submitted entry.

For links to similar categories at other geographic levels, and for health and beauty companies with multiple locations in more than one sub-state region or metro area in this state.
Submit sites for health and beauty companies with multiple locations in more than one metro area in this state. Compare existing listings for best results.

Most sites should be submitted to a locality. Listing at higher levels is allowed for companies with multiple locations spanning several localities or counties, and for clubs or associations drawing members from a broad area.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Locations must be shown, preferably by address or local phone number.
  2. For title, submit actual name of business or organization.
The Business Services category lists sites that provide professional and administrative support services to a variety of businesses and organizations. In some cases, these companies also provide services to consumers, but providing services to other enterprises is their main focus.
Please do NOT submit entries to this category. NO ENTRIES ARE ACCEPTED INTO THIS CATEGORY.
This category contains links and subcategories related to computer-related sites on a state-level. State-level entries are ONLY for sites that are located in multiple localities in multiple regions.
Do NOT submit to this category unless the company has more than one office in various regions of the state.

Please submit your entry to the proper locality where the corporate office is located.

Business resources for the building design and construction industry and/or consumers within the State of Illinois.
Please submit builders to the specific locality of the "brick-and-mortar'' location of the builder''s office.

Listings are not based the builder''s coverage area or where the communities or properties are built.

If the locality does not have a ''Builder'' category, then submit to its ''Construction_and_Maintenance'' category, if its doesn''t have that, then submit to ''Business_and_Economy'', if not that, then submit to the base level of the locality. Either way, it probably will not be listed here at the state-level category

Includes links to state-wide resources regarding death and funeral care and services within the State of Illinois.
This category includes links to state-level sites and state-wide categories related to the electronics and electrical industry, including design, manufacture, distribution, equipment sales and rental, and consulting.
Websites devoted to statewide announcement of job opportunities.
The Energy and Environment sector in Illinois covers distinct, but increasingly interdependent industries. This category includes the following:
  • Industries engaged in the electric power generation industry.
  • Industries engaged in oil and gas exploration, refining, storage, distribution, and marketing.
  • Providers of electric, water, and gas services (e.g. utilities).
  • Industries developing renewable and alternative energy sources.
  • Industries providing environmental protection and safety equipment and services, such as pollution control products, waste management, recycling operations, and waste-to-energy products.
This category also includes information resources covering these industries, such as associations, reference resources, news, etc.
Do NOT submit an entry to this category unless it is a statewide resource for video production.

Individual video production companies should be submitted to the appropriate locality''s top-level or associated Arts and Entertainment category, if available.

Includes links to state-level sites and state-wide categories for Illinois in the areas of event planning and production, including catering, photography, video production, and weddings.
Please note that most localities may not have a ''caterers'' category; however, sites for local caterers should still be submitted to the locality or its ''Business and Economy'' category.

Very few, if any sites, will be listed at the state level. Coverage area or zone has no bearing on a listing. ODP listings are based on ''brick and mortar'' location of business.

Financial services across the state of Illinois.
Includes links to state-level sites and state-wide categories related to food and related products, including but not limited to industries and companies engaged in transforming livestock and agricultural products into products for intermediate or final consumption.
This category is not for retail food sales listings. Please refer those submissions to the most appropriate category of locality and its associated Shopping category, if created.
This category contains links to state-level sites, state-wide categories and local, county and regional category links related to industrial goods and services, including industrial supply, engineering, cable and wiring, optics, packaging, and related resources, associations, manufacturers, distributors, sales and service.
For the listing of wet and dry marinas, boat dealers, service centers, and other businesses offering services to recreational boaters.
Includes links to sites related to oil, gas, and petrochemicals within the State of Illinois.
Includes links to sites for or about businesses or individuals offering personal services in the region. Sites might include personal chefs, personal valets, errand runners, and baby sitters.
This category includes state-level sites and state-wide categories related to printing services.
Includes links to sites related to public utilities, such as electricity, energy, telecommunications, cable and television, and municipal services.
Businesses primarily dealing in real estate, including residential and commercial agents, appraisers, inspectors, property managers, mortgage services, rental agencies, auctions, and for sale by owner sites.
Please review the Real Estate Submission Guidelines before submitting a site to this category. Proper adherence to these guidelines will result in a prompt and accurate listing in the directory.

Please read the following carefully:

Individual agent''s websites will NOT be listed here. Those are placed in the locality where the agent''s office is physically located. Please find the locality here.

Agency websites are also placed in the locality where the office is physically located. If the agency has more than one office, then the next most appropriate category would be the county, region, or metropolitan area.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the submission being deleted.

This category contains a few links to restaurants and bars that offer locations throughout the State of Illinois. The Open Directory Project Regional/ directory lists sites by the "brick and mortar" location of the business, or lowest common denominator - that is typically a locality- and not a state-level listing.
Please DO NOT submit sites for individual restaurants and bars to this category, unless it is a statewide chain (typically three or more locations in various regions within the state). Nationwide chains are not appropriate.

Please direct single location restaurants and bars to the appropriate locality, city or village for the establishment. Use the locality''s "Business_and_Economy" subcategory, if created.

Whether or not a locality has a "Business_and_Economy/Restaurants_and_Bars" category for itself has no bearing on its placement here, it will be moved to the locality anyway.

Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.