"Mai ka pi`ina a ka lä i ha`eha`e a i ka lä welowelo i Känemiloha`i"
    ...from where the sun rises Ha`eha`e to its setting at Kanemiloha`i...
Kaula, a small islet approximately 23 land miles west-southwest of the southern end of Niihau, is located at 20 degrees 39' North, 160 degrees 31' 30" West.
Kure Atoll, the most northwestern member of the Leeward Hawaiian Islands, is 1200 miles northwest of Honolulu and 56 miles west of Midway Atoll, its nearest neighbor.
Laysan lies 790 sea miles northwest of Honolulu, in latitude 25 degrees 42' 14" North, longitude 171 degrees 44' 04" West of Greenwich. Nearest neighbours include Lisianski, 115 miles to the west; the Gardner Pinnacles, 202 miles to the southeast; and the Pearl and Hermes Reef, 260 miles to the northwest. Previously exploited for many years for its extensive guano deposits, it has in recent years made a recovery as a bird sanctuary and wildlife preservation area and is one of the homes for the Hawaiian Monk Seal.
Located 393 miles northwest of Honolulu at North 23 degrees 34' 41", 164 degrees 42' 22" West, Necker Island is technically part of the City and County of Honolulu. Since February 3, 1909, it has been a part of the Hawaiian Islands Bird Reservation and jointly administered by the United States Department of Agriculture and the State of Hawai`i.
Nihoa, also known as Mokumoku or the Bird Island, is located 120 miles to the northwest of Ni`ihau at 23 degrees 05' North, 161 degrees '55 West.
Lisianski Island is approximately 905 nautical miles north west of Honolulu and 115 miles west of Laysan Island, its nearest neighbor.
The Gardner Pinnacles, 588 miles northwest of Honolulu and 108 miles northwest of French Frigate Shoal, are located at North 25 degrees 01', 167 degrees 59' West.