This category lists businesses focusing on retail sales of coffee, with physical locations in more than one locality and on more than one island.

Please suggest only sites for retail establishments with a physical statewide presence, such as multiple branches, offices, or locations spanning multiple localities on more than one island.

If the business has more than one location, but only on a single Hawaiian island, please suggest the site to the Business and Economy category for that island.

If the business has only a single location, please suggest the site in the locality category corresponding to that location.

If the business has no physical presence and sells Hawaiian coffee online only, please suggest the site to Shopping: Food: Beverages: Coffee and Tea: Coffee: Hawaiian and Kona.

If the business has both a brick-and-mortar shop in Hawaii and sells online throughout most of the United States or internationally, you may suggest the site once in the appropriate category under the Regional branch Hawaii category, and once in the Shopping branch Hawaiian and Kona coffee category.