Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
This category is for sites about local businesses and organizations related to advertising and promotion. Includes sites for local businesses offering services that advertise, promote and encourage sales for other businesses.
This category contains links to regions and localities with event planning sites such as caterers, equipment hire, convention, reception and wedding facilities. Additional links may be included to photography and video production or commercial bands and artists categories.
Please submit all sites to their correct location and category.
For companies that provide full service and commercial printing services.
Do not submit real estate sites to this Islands category Instead please submit real estate sites to the actual island sub category where the site is located.
Individual restaurant and dining guide listings for specific towns or cities should be submitted to the Restaurants and Bars category in the appropriate locality.
This category includes sites for retail establishments that sell merchandise to consumers.
Please submit only sites for retail establishments with a physical statewide presence, such as multiple branches, offices, or locations spanning multiple localities.

If the business has no physical presence and sells goods online only, submit the site to the appropriate subcategory in Shopping.