This category provides information on federal government careers and jobs including career centers, informational sites featuring specific occupations, and special emphasis hiring program guides. Visit these sites to explore federal government careers and occupations.
Submit sites that provide career guidance for those seeking federal government employment including sites targeted to special emphasis groups such as veterans, and hiring opportunities for people with disabilities. Also submit sites that offer detailed information about federal occupational groups such as safety and environmental compliance jobs, Post Office Jobs, and jobs in law enforcement, etc. Sites targeted to job vacancies should be listed under Regional: North America: United States: Government: Employment: Job Search. Federal agency sites that list job vacancies should be submitted to Regional: North America: United States: Government: Employment: Vacancy Announcements. There are also special sub categories for Application Assistance, Employee Resources, and Employment Books under Government Employment. State and Municipal Government sites should be submitted to their specific group.
Submit sites that assist federal government job seekers with the job application process. This area is reserved for United States Federal Government employment assistance only. State and local municipal government application assistance should be placed under State or Municipal Government sub categories.
Include sites that offer general application guidance, resume assistance, application forms software, job matching services, etc.
Use this sub category to list United States Federal Government employee resources. This area is reserved for information that provides current employees with general employment information including benefits, job placement, and general career guidance for upward mobility, etc.
Submit only sites that offer assistance to current federal government employees. Review the current list for examples of appropriate postings. State and municipal employee resources must be listed under their respective subcategories.
Books, periodicals and publications targeted towards United States Federal Government employment. Includes in-print how-to guides, subscription services, and official government and private sector guides.
This category includes services that offer searchable databases of federal government job lists and/or links to job listings. They include free and subscription sites both government and private sector sponsored.
This category is reserved for federal government human resource recruitment web pages that list actual agency job vacancies. Many United States federal government agencies now post job vacancies online for ease of access. Most also offer full text printable versions of their job annoucements and they provide detailed application assistance.
Submit only federal agency web site pages that take visitors direct to that agency''s job vacancy announcement section. State government job listing web sites should be directed to Regional: North America: United States: Government: State Government: Employment. Local municipal government job sites should be directed to Regional: North America: United States: Government: Municipal Government: Employment.