Sites pertaining to the Federal government, including the branches, laws, militaries, agencies, documents, employment.
Sites dealing with individual state, county, or local government, organizations, or politics will not be accepted at this level. In order to be listed, these sites should be submitted to the most specific state, county, or locality category.

The exceptions to this are:

Directory/information sites pertaining to the government of more than one state belong under Regional/North_America/United_States/Government/State_Government.

Directory sites of offering information on municipal/local governments in general belong under Regional/North_America/United_States/Government/Municipal_Government.

Agencies are government bodies created by the U.S. Congress to oversee a specific function of government. Under the authority of the President, they often handling administrative areas which overlap the various departments, and so are independent of the cabinet departments.
Submit only sites about or maintained by a U.S. federal agency. Do not submit state or local government sites of any kind, political or commercial sites, or any other websites which do not directly pertain to an agency of the federal government.
This category contains links to sites for ongoing political campaigns, candidates, and elections in the United States. Sites geared both towards voters and to political professionals are considered for review, but they should specifically address campaigns and elections conducted for national-level offices. Since state and local campaigns are generally of local interest, they are both kept in the appropriate category for politics at the state level.

Do not submit sites relating to local campaigns into this category. Submit local campaigns into the county or locality served by the office, into the Politics subcategory if available.

Do not submit sites relating to campaigns for U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, or state-level offices into this category. All such sites should be submitted to the Politics category of the appropriate state.

Sites pertaining to embassies and consular offices both of and in the US.

Listed in Embassies and Consulates categories are entities such as Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions, Permanent Representatives and de facto equivalents. Information on their formatting, and on the arrangement of related categories, can be found in the FAQ of Society: Government: Embassies and Consulates.

This category provides information on federal government careers and jobs including career centers, informational sites featuring specific occupations, and special emphasis hiring program guides. Visit these sites to explore federal government careers and occupations.
Submit sites that provide career guidance for those seeking federal government employment including sites targeted to special emphasis groups such as veterans, and hiring opportunities for people with disabilities. Also submit sites that offer detailed information about federal occupational groups such as safety and environmental compliance jobs, Post Office Jobs, and jobs in law enforcement, etc. Sites targeted to job vacancies should be listed under Regional: North America: United States: Government: Employment: Job Search. Federal agency sites that list job vacancies should be submitted to Regional: North America: United States: Government: Employment: Vacancy Announcements. There are also special sub categories for Application Assistance, Employee Resources, and Employment Books under Government Employment. State and Municipal Government sites should be submitted to their specific group.
The Executive Branch of Government makes sure that the laws of the United States are obeyed. The President of the United States is the head of the executive branch of government. Along with the President, the executive branch consists of the Vice President, departments (cabinet offices) and independent agencies.
Please submit sites from ED that are related to federally funded education programs, websites and services.
Links with anything to do with the US intelligence community.
Please submit only sites dealing with US military and civil intelligence in this category
Submit sites for courts in a specific state to the Government category for that state.


This category is for primary resources relating to the national laws of the United States, including the Constitution, case law, and statutory law.

Please Read This Before Submitting Your Site

Please do not submit sites for commercial service providers or law firms to this category.

This category is for primary legal resources, and service provider sites will not be listed here unless they provide free, direct access to such resources.

Sites for and about law enforcement agencies and officers in the United States.
The legislative branch of the United States government is comprised of the two houses of the US Congress and their affiliated offices. The makeup and powers of Congress are detailed in Article I of the US Constitution.
A municipality is any self-governing political unit, typically an incorporated urban district. In the United States, the term is usually applied to counties and incorporated cities, and may also be applied to towns, townships, villages, and other locally organized governmental units. This category lists general resources pertaining to municipal government in all or most of the U.S. states and dependent areas.
Do NOT submit the site of your local government here.

Sites submitted to this category should be organizations, publications, or other resources of general interest to city managers or those interested in municipal government.

Individual municipal governments should be submitted to the appropriate state''s locality within Regional: North America: United States.

Sites for and about the United States military, including those addressing the organization of the armed forces, active and retired personnel and their families, equipment, operations, related associations, and history as it pertains to the specific branches.
Please submit your site to the appropriate service and subcategory (if applicable). Use standard unit names and abbreviations in the "title" of the website, this will save time in the review process.

Use a brief description of the unit, and contents of the website. Do not use keywords in the description of a website submission.

Sites dealing with the world''s military in general should be submitted to Shopping/Niche/Military.

Sites dealing with Military or War history should be submitted to Society/History/Twentieth_Century/War.

Media and news sources provided by and about the United States government, including magazines, press releases, information services, and broadcasts.
This category is intended for news as well as government publications intended for the public. Government documents belong under Regional/North_America/United_States/Government/Documents.
The reference category focuses on the study of and access to government information, and include links to general works containing facts and general information about the US Government.
This category is for general resources such as directories, search engines, databases, information pages, and guides. Resources limited to specific topics (ie Executive Branch, Congress, or the Military) belong under the appropriate category. Sites offering specific services (ie benefits, tax information, financial aid, auctions) belong under Regional/NA/US/Gov/Services.
U.S. federal government organizations and government programs that provide information or other services to people and businesses. By design, this category overlaps other government-related categories. Also includes other (nongovernment) sources of government information.
Federalism is the evolving allocation of power between the States and the Federal Government.
The State Government category contains links to resources related to state government including categories focused on specific services and functions. In addition, category @links are provided to each state's Government category.
Please submit sites to this area that have serve as a multi-state resource for state government. Sites specific to a state''s government should be redirected to that state.
The U.S. Constitution says in Article II, Section II, Clause II that the president "shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur..." The U.S. Senate is thus vital in the treaty-making process. This category covers present and proposed treaties and other international agreements. It does not cover historical treaties, treaty controversies, and treaty ratifications, which are covered elsewhere. International treaties must be approved by two-thirds of the Senate according to Article II, Section II, Clause II of the U.S. Constitution. However, other international agreements do not require approval by a supermajority of the Senate.
The Tribal Government category lists the following types of sites:
  • Official U.S. Federal Government websites about Native Americans
  • Official websites for tribal governments within the United States
  • Official websites for national and regional tribal councils that serve tribes within the United States

All other websites should be submitted to Society/Ethnicity/The_Americas/Indigenous/Native_Americans/