Includes information about the region's natural environment; as well as scientific activities specific to Georgia. Look in the appropriate county or locality for location-specific sites.

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  • Includes botanical gardens and arboretums. These are institutions that acquire and maintain living collections of plants for the purposes of research and education. Most also allow public visitation, maintain public displays, and/or conduct public education programs. The collections of plants in a botanical garden seldom are limited to the native plants of the region. Most botanical gardens also collect and cultivate exotic (nonnative) plants of botanical or horticultural interest.
    Science and Environment sites listed by Georgia localities.

    The hydrology of the region and the scientific and environmental characteristics of natural waters and water supply sources in the region, with emphasis on fresh water. Topics might include lakes (including saline lakes), rivers, streams and their flow, groundwater, drinking water quality, water pollution, drought, and water conservation and management.

    Oceans and marine environments are covered in the separate subcategory Science_and_Environment/Marine.