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Find links for companies offering services for the valuation of real estate.
Sites listed in this category focus on aspects of commercial real estate, including but not limited to the sale and/or leasing of corporate, office, industrial, or commercial space. To be listed here firms must have at least two offices in different cities in the Atlanta Metro area.
Find links to sites dedicated to property for sale directly by the property owner, without the assistance of a real estate professional. Topics might include directories, instructional sites, and individual properties for sale.
For the listing of sites offering information building inspection services for residential, office, and retail buildings.
For the listing of sites dealing specifically with a planned community in the area. This category is NOT for a real estate agent with a house or two for sale in a planned community or for individual homes in a community but for sites dealing with the sale of real property in the community. Typically these sites are hosted by developers or the agency which sits on site. To be listed at the Metro level there must be communities in at least two cities inside the Metro area.
Includes links to sites dealing specifically with properties for rent and rental services. Topics include but are not limited to property managers, apartment complexes, individual property listings, and guides. Please note, short term, holiday rentals are listed in Vacation Rentals and commercial properties are listed under the Commercial subcategory.
AGENTS WILL NOT BE LISTED HERE. Please submit to only one locality - the one where your real estate office is located. Submitting here will delay your listing. Agencies must have more than one office in the metro Atlanta area to be listed here. Agencies please use your company name as the title. Description: Services offered, areas of service, and features on the site such as virtual tours and online forms. Once the site is listed, please do not submit again unless your site changes substantially, such as virtual tours are added or the agency name or location changes. If this occurs, please use the Update URL option to notify us.
This category contains local real estate websites with a primary focus on residential property and residential property sales, as well as guides specifically geared towards residential real estate.
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