This subcategory is for the various areas and neighborhoods in Atlanta, GA.
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Adair Park is located near the south side of Downtown Atlanta with a development area of almost 310 acres. The northern section of Adair Park was developed for industrial use, and The Candler-Smith Warehouse now consists of small businesses and lofts
Represents 600 acres west of the Downtown Connector and north of Georgia Tech.
Mechanicsville sits in the shadow of both downtown Atlanta and Turner Field. The neighborhood is bounded by I-20 on the north, the downtown connector (I-75/85) on the east, and the Southern Railway lines on the south and west. Mechanicsville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Atlanta. The neighborhood sprung up in the late 1800’s adjacent to several railroad lines just south of downtown. The name "Mechanicsville" comes from the "mechanics" that worked on the railway lines. Mechanicsville was once a vibrant, multiethnic community with working class blacks (many of whom worked on the railroad) and middle class whites, who lived in Mechanicsville to be close to downtown. The neighborhood was once home to several of the prominent merchant families, including the Rich’s.
The boundaries of Poncey-Highland are:
Ponce de Leon Avenue on the North
Moreland Avenue on the East
Highland Avenue on the South
CSX Railroad Corridor on the West
The neighborhood includes The Carter Center as a landmark.