Information on all modes of public transportation, including bus, air, rail, water, roads and highways.
Only regional guides, directories, organizations with members in, or transportation carriers servicingmore than one County belong in this category.

Information covering more than one city or town located in the same County should be submitted to that County.

Information specific to one city or town should be submitted to that Locality.

Information on carriers of passengers and/or vehicles that cross a body of water.
Ferries must have a point of departure or arrival within Connecticut.
Information on Connecticut-based private companies providing chauffeured vehicles for door-to-door transportation service.
Transportation providers must be based in Connecticut and offer service to more than one county in Connecticut in order to be listed here.
Only statewide guides, directories and businesses with locations in, or organizations with members in, more than one County belong in this category.

Businesses with locations in more than one town but in the same county should not be submitted here but to the most specific Connecticut County.

Businesses and organizations which have a single physical location should be submitted to the most specific Locality.