Connecticut cities, towns and boroughs whose name begins with the letter H.

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Haddam [Middlesex County] was settled in 1662 and incorporated and named in 1668 from Much Haddam parish in Hertfordshire.

Area, 46.4 sq. miles. Population, est., 7,210. Voting districts, 4. Principal industries, marinas, and manufacture of metal-working machinery, yacht design, environmental consulting, printed circuits, wire products, plastics, molding, extruding and offset printing.

Haddam includes the villages of Haddam Neck and Higganum.

Information submitted must relate specifically to Haddam, Connecticut, or to the areas of Haddam known as Haddam Neck and Higganum.
Hamden [New Haven County] Connecticut incorporated from New Haven in 1786 and named from John Hampden, an English patriot.

Area, 33.3 sq. miles. Population, est., 53,011. Voting districts, 9. Principal industries: retail trade, computer products, manufacturers of wire and cable, concrete, pump mixer products, fabricated metals, construction and business services.

Hamden includes the sections known as Centerville and Mt. Carmel. It is considered a part of the New Haven Metro Area.

Information submitted must relate specifically to Hamden, Connecticut, or to the areas of Hamden known as Centerville and Mt. Carmel.
Hampton [Windham County] was incorporated from Brooklyn, Canterbury, Mansfield, Pomfret and Windham in October1786 and named from Hampton in Middlesex. It was formerly known as Kennedy or Windham Village.

Total area, 25.5 sq. miles, Land area, 25.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 1,681. Voting district, 1. Principal industry, agriculture.

Submissions must be specific to Hampton, Connecticut.
Hartford [Hartford County] Connecticut was a Dutch trading house known as "House of Hope," in 1633, and settled as Newtown in 1635. It was named in 1637 from Hertford in Hertfordshire, England. Indian name, "Suckiag."

Capitol of Connecticut.

Area, 18.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 131,523. Voting districts, 27. Principal industries, electrical and telephone equipment, tools, automatic and special machines, automobile parts, precision machines, firearms, plastics, castings, vacuum systems, turbine and marine engines, drop forgings, oil burners, valves, glass machinery, sound equipment.

The home office of thirty-eight insurance companies are located in Hartford, giving it the nickname, "Insurance capitol of the world."

Submissions must relate specifically to the arts or entertainment in Hartford, Connecticut.
Hartland [Hartford County] Connecticut was named 1733 from Hart(ford) land, because it was owned by Hartford men. Incorporated in May, 1761.

Area, 34.6 sq. miles. Population, est., 1,970. Voting Districts, 1. Principal industries, agriculture and manufacture of wood products.

Submissions must be specific to Hartland, Connecticut.
Harwinton [Litchfield County] was settled in 1731 and named in 1732 from Har(tford) and Win(dsor). It was incorporated in 1737.

Area, 31.1 sq. miles. Population, 2000 Census, 5,283. Voting Districts, 1. Principal industries, agriculture, retail services, construction, landscaping, tools and dies.

Submissions must specifically relate to Harwinton, Connecticut.
Hebron [Tolland County] was settled in 1704 and named in 1707 from the Hebrew word meaning "association" or "league". The town was incorporated in 1708.

Area, 37.3 sq. miles. Population, 2000 Census, 8,610. Voting Districts, 1. Principal industry, agriculture.

Hebron is part of the Capitol Region Metropolitan District in Connecticut.

Submissions must specifically relate to Hebron, Connecticut.