This category contains sites having to do with buying, selling, leasing, developing or studying real estate. This information has been divided into subcategories to make it easier for you to find what you need.
If you are submitting a site for addition to the Open Directory, please read the following carefully. We ask that you choose the best subcategory for the site and submit to that subcategory instead of the broader Real Estate category.

All real estate agents who serve a local territory should submit their sites to the locality category where the office is located.
- Titles for individual agents'' sites should be formatted as "agent name- agency name", e.g. John Doe - Zxcvbnm Homes.
- Keep the description brief - no longer than 25-30 words. A well-written, objective description will make listing the site easier.
- Avoid using promotional language and strings of key words and search terms. Failure to follow these guidelines will only delay review of the site.

Also, remember that this is a directory and not a search engine. Resubmitting the site will not increase the number of listings.

This category has no listings; it is merely an aid to finding Real Estate categories in Colorado.
Find the locality where the real estate office is located, and submit it there.