Strikingly deep blue and remarkably clear, Lake Tahoe straddles the California-Nevada border at an elevation of over 6000 feet. The surrounding region includes parts of several California and Nevada counties.

In Nevada, it includes parts of Washoe, Carson City, and Douglas counties, while in California, it includes parts of El Dorado, Nevada, and Placer counties.

Sites that span multiple communities and/or counties in the Lake Tahoe region should be submitted to this category. This includes guides with information for multiple Tahoe-area localities, or businesses with locations in more than one locality. Sites that cover only a single locality or county should be submitted to the category for that locality or county.
This category includes websites for caterers, conventions and weddings.
Sites that span the Tahoe region should be submitted here. Sites for individual resorts or locations should be submitted to the nearest locality category. See for a list of Lake Tahoe localities.