Lying between the Coast Range and the Sierra Nevada mountains, the Central Valley is the agricultural heart of California. Most communities lie along the current or historic route of California highway 99, which in some portions has been subsumed by I-5. The major cities defining the ends of the Central Valley are Redding and Bakersfield; the region also includes Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, and Visalia.

The Central Valley is composed of two valleys: the Sacramento Valley north of the San Joaquin River Delta and the San Joaquin Valley south of it.

This category is for sites that have broad applicability to the Central Valley as a whole, including businesses with locations in multiple cities throughout the region.

If the site predominantly provides information on places between Stockton and Bakersfield, please submit it to the San Joaquin Valley instead. If the site predominantly provides information about places north of Stockton, please submit it to Sacramento Valley.

Sites that refer to a single locality or county should be submitted to that locality or county.

Includes sites covering the business and economic activities of the region; including listings of companies and industries.
To be listed here, the business must have offices at multiple locations in the Central Valley, both north and south of the Delta.
Contains links to the counties of California's Central Valley.
Includes information about the region's natural environment; as well as scientific activities specific to the region.