The Central Coast region begins at Monterey Bay and follows the rugged beauty of the coast down to Santa Barbara and Ventura.

It includes the counties of Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Ventura.

Sites that span multiple counties in the Central Coast region should be submitted to this category. This includes guides with information for multiple counties, or businesses with locations in more than one county. Sites that cover only a single locality or county should be submitted to the category for that locality or county.
Sites covering the business and economic activities of the region, including listings of companies and industries.
This category is for sites offering online maps, photographs, satellite images, and live web cams of the Central Coast Region.
Please submit only sites that cover either all of the Central Coast Region or more than one County within it.

For sites of wider interest, see the California: Maps and Views category.

For sites of more local interest, see the individual Counties or Localities categories.

Please submit your site to the most specific level at which it fits.

Resources or organizations that focus on recreation or sports and that deal with more than one county of the Central Coast area.