Sites dealing with lodging for the San Francisco, California Bay area.
Please submit sites dealing with more than one city in the Bay Area. Sites dealing with only one city in the Bay Area should be submitted to the appropriate category.

For example, a site dealing with lodging in San Francisco only should be submitted to Regional: North America: United States: California: Localities: S: San Francisco: Travel and Tourism: Lodging.

AAA classifies a Bed and Breakfast as a limited service lodging type with the following definition; "Usually smaller establishments emphasizing a more personal relationship between operators and guests, leading to an "at home" feeling. Guest units tend to be individually decorated. Rooms may not include some modern amenities such as television and telephones, and may have a shared bathroom. Usually owner-operated, with a common room or parlor, separate from the innkeeper's living quarters, where guests and operators can interact during evening and breakfast hours. Evening office closures are normal. A continental or full, hot breakfast is served and is included in the room rate." (Quoted from the AAA. "New York TourBook". Buffalo, NY: AAA Publishing. 1999)
This category holds general information about Bed and Breakfast establishments in the San Francisco Bay area. County directories, guides or database, for example. Individual Bed and Breakfasts should be submitted to the specific locality where it resides.