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Automotive businesses located in Santa Rosa, including car dealers, auto parts stores, and service.
Personal services such as salons, spas, tanning facilities, and manicurists.
This category is for websites specifically related to the city of Santa Rosa.

For websites related to a wider area, please see the Construction and Maintenance category for Sonoma County.

Before you submit your site, be sure to read the category description.

Please submit to an appropriate subcategory, if one is available. Otherwise, submit here. Failure to submit to the most specific appropriate category can delay the consideration of your submission.
This category is for websites about local businesses involved in construction and maintenance. It includes architects, builders, civil and structural engineers, plumbers, roofers, electricians, heating and air conditioning specialists, janitorial service providers, as well as other suppliers of goods and services in this industry.

Construction and maintenance companies are placed in this directory according to their office location(s), not their service area. Most of them serve the entire county, or at least many areas within it. Many also serve areas outside the county.

For businesses with office locations in multiple cities, see the appropriate county, region, or higher-level category.

For example, the website for a construction equipment rental company with locations in both Santa Rosa and Petaluma would be found in the Sonoma County category, while the site for electrical contractor with offices in Santa Rosa, Anaheim, and Los Angeles would be found in the Southern California category.

Most, or perhaps all, of the sites currently in this category are the sites of businesses. Yet the category is also appropriate for related sites, such as industry profiles, as long as they are directed exclusively to the businesses located within this city. Most such sites are focused more broadly, however, and therefore would be located at the Sonoma County level, or higher.

Sites about industry organizations, if any, may or may not be found here, depending on their focus. If an organization's site contains such things as a membership directory, or other information that would be useful to consumers, it is likely to be placed here.
Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Real Estate Site.
Real Estate for Santa Rosa CA. This category contains sites having to do with buying, selling, leasing, renting, inspecting, developing, financing or studying real estate.
This category is for shopping websites specifically located in the city of Santa Rosa. Businesses that offer only online, phone, or mail order sales will not be listed in Regional Shopping categories. Please note that websites offering exclusively online shopping are not listed here, but are listed instead in the section of the directory for Online Shopping.
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