Automotive sites only
Automotive sites only
Computer and Internet service companies
Any site dealing with construction, construction materials, services and maintenance
Employment services
Event Planning
Only submit event websites here
For industries located in Napa, including business-to-business listings, construction and maintenance firms, advertising and publishing.
This category is for businesses and websites about marine sales and services in this locality, as well as links to related categories.

For sites specifically geared towards this community. Submitting a site based in another locality may delay or prevent listing in the directory. Thank you for your cooperation.

This category is for marine sales and service companies including boat dealers and yacht brokers, marinas, and sellers of marine parts and accessories. Please submit boat charter and rental companies under Sports_and_Recreation.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Location must be clearly shown, preferably by address or local phone number, to qualify for Regional listing.
  2. Make sure the submitted title matches the name of the organization or entity.
  3. In the description, stick to the facts and avoid promotional language.
  4. Don''t Capitalize Every Word or use ALL CAPS.
Compare existing listings for best results.
This category contains sites having to do with buying, selling, leasing, renting, inspecting, developing, financing or studying real estate.
Before submitting your site, please review the Guidelines for Submitting a Real Estate Site.
Restaurants and bars located in Napa.
Sites about eating or drinking establishments that are *only* located in Napa city limits should be submitted here.
If there is more than one location and they are all within the county of Napa, please submit the listing to here.
Gift shops, shopping centers, specialty stores
For food businesses that are located in Napa only.